Defense of the Dress – Queen Silvia in Nina Ricci

By happy coincidence, it’s also Queen Silvia’s birthday today. So if you feel like it, spam away any of her favorite looks in the comments. Let’s wish the Queen a happy and healthy celebration!

The Facts

In 1993, the Queen turned to one of her favorite designers, Nina Ricci, for her Nobel gown. This bold number has embroidered jet and sequins covering the bodice in a paisley-like pattern. It is decorated with a neckline satin ruffle. The skirt is woven in striped satin with an element of dupion thread. It’s said that there is a matching red shawl finished with balls of flowers, although I couldn’t unearth a photo of it. The Queen accessorized with her favorite Leuchtenberg Sapphire parure.

Do you like Queen Silvia in the Nina Ricci?

The Case for the Dress

The Bag: I could probably argue the skirt bows are bit much. Overall I appreciate this bold black and white appearance, particularly since the Queen has worn more than her share of color and sparkles for this event.

LiL: Lord help me, but I do love this gown. She looks like the fanciest jailbird ever, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

The Case Against the Dress

OC: The bows and styling kill this dress for me. That happens often with Ricci for me—I’m almost there and then one or two elements just come crashing down to ruin it for me. And the blue jewels with black? Newp.

LG: Sorry Sils, it looks like you’re heading to the fanciest party at the prison ever…