Defense of the Dress – Queen Rania in Bottega Veneta

Although she’s not covered as thoroughly in the Western press as some of the European royals, I would say that I have rarely seen Rania repeat an outfit. Whether you think that’s a good thing or bad thing is all due to the circumstance, as you will see with today’s offering.

The Facts

Queen Rania wore this Bottega Veneta deep plum dress during a visit to France in 2014. We have plenty of photos because she wore it during a high profile meeting with then President Hollande. The dress itself has several details, including an architectural lapel that runs from shoulder to hip, and a decorative flap on the opposite shoulder. There is a lighter plum applique running the length of the detailing. She paired it with what was then a huge trend in footwear, the half shoe, half boot.

Embed from Getty Images

Your Turn to Weigh In

What do you think of Queen Rania in Bottega Veneta?

The Case For the Dress

The Bag: So help me, I am going on the defense here. I’ll say that the color works for her beautifully, but beyond that, it is definitely a dress that is appropriate and eye-catching. Memorable and great color plus really good fit = solid defense.

LG: I’m hoping on the defense bus with The Bag here, so help us both. And everything I have to say is what she said (and she said it much better).

The Case Against the Dress

OC: I want to like it, I really do. The color is fab but that’s all I can muster. The abstract frill on the left reminds me of a moray eel and also manages to have a poor effect on the lady’s bulk distribution. Don’t get me going on the shoes.