Defense of the Dress – Sequins and Green

Welcome to Defense of the Dress, or DotD to those in the know, which I hope you know is all of you. In this feature, we take on royal dresses that brought on divisive opinions the first time around, and invite everyone to weigh in.

A hat tip to Luise for this weeks feature, Victoria in sequined Elie Saab.

The Facts

Victoria has worn this cap sleeved, sequin encrusted Elie Saab gown on three tiara occasions. On March 23, 2017, she attended the first official dinner of the royal season, wearing Princess Lillian’s Laurel tiara and the Bernadotte Emerald necklace. She debuted this dress at the 2012 Nobel ceremonies, wearing the Four Button Button tiara, wearing the same necklace. There was also an appearance with the Cut Steel during a State Visit from India in 2015.

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The Case For the Dress

The Handbag: I love Victoria in this. She’s like a sparkly green stream. The color is great for her, and even though the sequins are super intense, the design itself is spare enough to hold up to sashes and tiaras and all the order traffic. I like Lillian’s tiara with it better, even though the tiara, on its own, is not my favorite. But it works here.

LuckeyGirl: First off, I do not like the color green, never really have…but I love this on Victoria. For some reason the vibrant color of this dress, plus the sparkle of the sequins works. I also like the pairing of this intense dress, with the lighter Laurel Tiara of the late Princess Lilian, and the Four Button Tiara. I would like some more hair behind the tiaras, but that’s a quibble. The Bernadotte Emeralds are impressive, but not for me.

OC: Yes, yes, yes. I’ve loved this dress since it’s debut at the Nobels. I love a full on sequined dress no matter who wears it. This unexpected color was a great choice in order to feature the Bernadotte Emeralds. Now, the macquillage? I shall enjoy that eye makeup from afar.

The Case Against the Dress

LiL: I hate to fall into the “nay” camp yet again, but nay. There’s just too much green. I seem to recall photoshopping this gown into many different colors and liking each and everyone of them better than the original. Add in two of my least favorite tiaras in the Swedish collection, and it’s all a hard pass for me.

Can you defend Victoria in green sequins?