Defense of the Dress – Queen Silvia in Jacques Zehnder

Even though there is no ceremony this year, it’s all Nobel glory all the time around here. Another look back at one of Silvia’s gowns is on the docket today, and Luckey Girl couldn’t take the darkness and did three Nobel posts for us to round out the week.

The Facts

In 1998, Queen Silvia was beyond the ballgown with big sleeves era, but she still went with drama. That year she wore the very definition of a “whole lot of dress” to the Nobel Banquet. Designed by Jacques Zehnder (Paris), this gown was apricot duchesse silk, liberally adorned with appliqués in sequins and embroidered lace. A dress so embellished required the grandest and oldest of tiaras, and the Cameo was brought out to play.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

What is your opinion of the Zehnder dress?

The Case for the Dress

The Bag: I have to defend this insanely luxe look. It steps far, far away from the minimalism that was everywhere in the late nineties (remember all those plain Jodie Foster pantsuits at the Oscars?). I have to love Silvia for it. That said, I’m glad it hasn’t been repeated. It’s of its time.

OC: As The Bag says, this dress is absolutely of its time. Super fancy, almost over the top, and ornate enough to practically require the Cameos. Beautifully styled. It could only be made better for me by the appliqués being full coverage.

The Case Against the Dress

LiL: I will never like this gown because I will never like this color. Apricot/peach, in the vast majority of it’s variations, never ceases to make my lip curl. No matter how fancy.

LG: Pretty gown, but not a fan of the color. Good to see the Cameo though.