Defense of the Room – Banqueting Hall at the Royal Palace, Oslo

The Facts

Frankly, this room won’t require much of a defense, given that all four hofdames are at least somewhat on board, and most of the feedback we have heard on it has been positive. Think of this as more of a chance for an always lively Scandinavian architectural discussion. We’ll measure your degree of love, instead.

The Banqueting Hall at the Royal Palace, Oslo, is used for state banquets, the annual banquet for the national assembly, and other occasions of note in the Norwegian Royal Family. Specific protocol is followed for such occasions: Guests enter the hall to the “Old Hunter’s March, a brass bell announces speeches, guests dine on four courses of local cuisine, and leave the hall to the tune of Valdresmarsjen.

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The artist Peder Wergmann decorated the hall in the Pompeian style, with representations of Greek gods and goddesses painted directly onto the walls. Initially, guests claimed they saw the faces of local high society painted in among the goddesses, which caused quite a stir for several years. In more modern times, the painting has been restored to its initial light coloring. For those of you who love flooring (you know who you are), the floors are covered with diagonal oak parquet flooring, replacing the original planking.

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Many Handbaggers and royal followers are quite familiar with the room from various banquets, most recently Ingrid Alexandra’s confirmation, the combined 80th birthday celebrations of Sonja and Harald, and the 2018 visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The walk through the hall leading to the banquet room is a very familiar sight, and photos and video are often captured there.

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Why We Love It

The Bag: It’s unique. It’s very personal to the country it’s in. It works for day and evening banquets. It’s cozy, it’s grand. Can you tell I love it?

OC: Why do we love it? Welllllll, I don’t completely love it. I think the decor is nice as far as halls go, and I like the lighter colors. My real beef with this room is the set up. I feel like our royals are stuck along the windows, barely able to be seen. A quick shuffle will help your pal, OC come closer to love.

LG: I’m firmly in the “meh” category on this one. No real feelings either way. Maybe I’d have a different opinion if I was lucky enough to see it in real life, but until then, I’ll meh away.

LiL: You all know I’m a plane ticket away from crashing that family as it is, and I can certainly see myself sitting in there, next to one of those windows that OC wants me away from, video conferencing the afternoon away. The light, the colors, the decor, the flooring, all fabulous.

Why do we love this room? Choose as many as apply