Defense of the Room – The DNA Room at Huis ten Bosch

As Queen, Beatrix lived in Huis ten Bosch until 2014. After three years of extensive renovations, Willem Alexander and his family moved to this palace in the Hague in January 2019. It is one of three official residences of the Dutch royal family.

The Facts

The DNA Salon was designed and executed by Jacob van der Beugel. The tens of thousands of bricks hanging on the walls reflect the DNA of Willem-Alexander and Maxima. Some of the bricks are raised and textured, and the hues reflect the House of Orange. The room itself is used primarily for official business, and has a display of royal photos to rival the reception rooms of Queen Elizabeth. At times you can spot photos of various monarchs (or even the monarchs themselves!), including Queen Elizabeth, Silvia and Carl Gustaf, and Felipe and Letizia.

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This room seems to elicit strong emotions. The Hofdames have very different opinions on it, and we are interested in yours!

The Case for the Room

The Handbag: I love it. It’s unusual and well-executed. It’s also memorable while providing a good background for photos. I particularly love the close-ups shots, which show the texture and colors in all their glory.

OC: What a way to make your mark on a historical palace!?! Literal and figurative building blocks. House colors. I’m in.

The Case Against the Room

LiL: I could get totally behind it if it was only on one of the walls. Or the walls on either side of the fireplace. But it’s too much for me as is.

The Case of the Meh

LG: While it’s an interesting room, and very personal to Wax and Max, its just meh to me.

What do you think of the DNA Salon?