Defense of the Royal Lady Pantsuit – Crown Princess Victoria in H & M (Updated with Day 3 in Paris)

Crown Princess Victoria is on a three-day official visit to Paris. We’ve talked about some of her ensembles in this week’s Bits, but this ensemble stood out and said, “We need to resurrect the Defense of ….” series.

The Facts

The Crown Princess attended the inauguration of the “Pioneer the Possible” exhibition at the Pavillon Vendôme. The Princess, who likes to support the Swedish brand H&M, wore a royal lady trouser/pant ensemble from their Innovation Circular Design Story collection. The ensemble is described as “crystal-embellished pajama-style” pieces.

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The actress Hailee Stanfield recently wore a similar H&M outfit, to a different effect ; ).

The Case for the Pantsuit

The Handbag: I’ll defend. It’s a modern take on relaxed trouser-style evening wear, somewhat reminiscent of the classic Halston seventies “disco” pantsuit. I don’t want a steady diet of this type of thing but I like it for a semi-casual Parisian evening.

OC: I don’t hate this look. As a matter of fact, when in Paris I would also bring the crazy. Why not? There is no other place that is more fashion-forgiving. It’s fun, somewhat retro, and definitely something to talk about.

LG: I’m jumping on the defense train as well. Paris is the place to bring out a bit of the crazy, fashion wise, and it works for what Victoria was doing.

The Case Against the Pantsuit

Well, strangely, we don’t have one! We’ll see what the Baguette hive mind thinks!

LiL: Hold up there, Sudsy! I might have fallen asleep at 6:30 last night and missed the deadline, but I’m here now! “ICK” with a capital “I”. Paris demands beauty, and this ain’t it. For an actress like Hailee (who looks adorable, btw) yes. For a Crown Princess, no. DO.NOT.LIKE.

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Weigh in! What do you think?

Well, for those not on board with crystal-embellished jim jams, maybe today’s ensemble will soothe your sartorial soul? The Crown Princess is wearing a Toteme “Robe” coat and Toteme Croc-Effect leather midi.

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