Defense of the Tiara – Lotus Flower

It’s been worn by a Queen, a Princess, a Viscountess, and a Duchess. It’s been a necklace and a tiara. It has been worn in five different decades (skipping most of the 1940s and 1950s, and the early part of this century, when it went “dark” for a few years). The elements in the tiara have been called papyrus leaves and/or lotus flowers. It’s just been everywhere but the electric chair, seen everything but the wind.

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The Facts

To keep it simple, we are going to call it the Lotus Flower. The tiara was reconfigured from a necklace that the Queen Mother received as a wedding gift, and she wore it frequently in the first few years of her years as Duchess of York. She typically wore it over her forehead as a bandeau. Princess Margaret was gifted of the tiara in 1959, and she wore it jauntily tucked into her dark curls, like the King’s daughter she was. It continued to appear on the Princess well into the 1980s. It adorned the towering hairdo of Margo’s daughter-in-law, Serena Stanhope, at her wedding in 1994. The tiara then disappeared for a while and re-appeared on the Duchess of Cambridge in 2013.

Necklace that was used to make the tiara.

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Where do you stand on the appeal of the Lotus Flower?

The Case for the Tiara

The Bag: I love it. It’s pretty and delicate and charming. Maybe not Queen material, but definitely Princess Perfect. I hope to see it on Charlotte someday. I think she will easily be able to channel great-aunt Margo.

LG: With all the different design elements going on, it shouldn’t work, but to my eye it does. You’ve got a little something for everyone: lotus flowers, diamond swags, pearls. It looks good on Kate, but it really shone on Margo.

LiL: I love it and wish she would wear it more often. It’s delicate, like Kate, and suits her features and frame perfectly.

The Case for I Need Some Edits

OC: It’s pretty, but I’m going to need those random pearls ejected and replaced with diamonds thankyouverymuch. I also wouldn’t mind the pieces being slightly condensed.

The Case Against the Tiara

What can we say? We don’t have one!

It’s a delicate little thing, a twinkling array of diamonds adorned with a few pearls. It can be pretty and elegant, or it can simply disappear into more elaborate coifs. Let us know your thoughts!