Denmark Celebrates Dannebrog

Denmark celebrated the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag (Dannebrog) on June 15th. According to myth, the flag fell from the sky during a battle between the Danish King Valdemar and local chieftains in Estonia in 1219. Celebrations took place in multiple locations through out Denmark, and also in Estonia where Queen Margrethe began a two day visit in commemoration of both Dannebrog, and Estonia’s 100 years of independence.

Margrethe was greeted by Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid. (Doesn’t she look sharp!? I love that coat!) Later she visited the “Danish King’s Garden” where she saw the sculpture, “Memorial for Old King”. The sculpture was erected in 1969 on the occasion of the 750-year celebration of the legend of Dannebrog, and Her Majesty was given a copy of the oldest known version of the flag.

Photos:  Keld Navntoft, Ritzau Scanpix © – Kongehuset

Back at home, Fred and Mary attended the ceremonies in Vordingborg, which was King Valdemar’s city. Doesn’t she look fabulous!? This is the Mary of old, right here. Quite possibly our first “Poppins” appearance of 2019.

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And finally, Joachim and Marie attended a service led by Bishop Peter Skov-Jakobsen in The Church of Our Lady – Copenhagen Cathedral. I love everything about Marie’s look, especially the color of her dress and the hat. I’ll take both please, and thanks!

Photos:  Chris Christophersen © – Kongehuset

I thought all of our Danish ladies looked especially nice for such a special occasion. How about you? Which of the three was your favorite?

And if you’re interested, more information on Dannebrog’s fall, as well as Day Two of Margrethe’s visit can be found at both the Kongehuset website, and at their Facebook page, Det Danske Kongehus