Designer Diaries – Princess Anne and Shibumi

Ruth Guise established Shibumi in 2004. The company was born out of her passion for pattern and textiles and inspired by her time living in India. Ruth’s grandmother was a couture designer and she also has a cousin in the business, so the field of fashion was a natural fit.

Shibumi is known for patterned clothes in brilliant hues. The company produces artisanal quality clothes while protecting the environment. Ruth is committed to providing clothes for all women, and Shibumi styles come in the entire spectrum of sizes.

There is a small studio in India that is focused on fabric design and production. However, it’s the large showroom in Gloucestershire that interests us, for it’s down the street a piece from Princess Anne’s place, Gatcombe. And Princess Anne does pop in there for a bit of local shopping now and then.

The Princess purchased several designs from the studio in 2019. Ruth then went to Gatcombe for the final fittings. Most of the clothes did not get public outings until 2021. The designer says that there are still many items that the princess hasn’t worn, and it’s always exciting to see what will appear next and when. This patterned suit with a shawl was worn to Ascot in 2021.

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That Ascot was a Shibumi-fest, for the Princess wore this yellow coat for 2021 Ladies Day. The designer thinks it was one of Anne’s favorite. It certainly harkens back to some of her sixties styles.

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According the Ruth, some of the designs the Princess purchased may have been “a bit more boldly patterned than her usual”. This printed coat, worn to the 2021 Moet and Chandon Festival at Newmarket, just might fall into that category.

I know that Princess Anne isn’t typically the royal you would associate with our designer diary series, however, this partnership shows she isn’t completely disinterested in fashion. Let us know what you think about the designer wearer match here.