Designer Diaries – Quiz!

As we move into the 2021, Designer Diaries will return on Thursdays. In preparation, we thought we would check in to see how much of the 2020 knowledge stuck around ; ). It’s all in fun, folks, no lower stakes are possible. If you’re like me, memory is a fleeting friend these days so it’s always good to have a refresher.

Note: My apologies to anyone who took this quiz early. There was some wonkiness in the grading. It’s been fixed, so please take it again. It was us, not you ; ).

Let's try this!

The first dress ____________________ designed for __________________ was a red ballgown for a pre-wedding gala. It was constructed of 14 meters of Italian silk and embroidered with pearls and rosettes.

_____________________________ first introduction to the British royal family was an unusual pink wedding dress designed for ______________________.

_______________________________ designed an entire tour wardrobe for _______________________, which included day dresses, evening gowns, and accessories for a 15 country jaunt.

_____________________ began designing for ___________________ during her pregnancy, and had to guess her size because the measurements sent to the design house were "elephantine".

____________ chose _______________ for her wedding dress because her mother-in-law recommended the design house.

_________________ was commissioned to make a dress for ten year old _______________.