Designer Diaries – Yves Dooms and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

We know nothing about the designer Yves Dooms, other than he (or she!) has been identified as a Belgian fashion designer. There’s no website, no photos, and no interviews that have been translated into English. It seems like they may be a perfect designer for royals, discreet and never overshadowing the client. Maybe one of our Baguettes can enlighten us further on this mysterious couturier. In the meantime, it’s one of the days when we simply let the clothing speak for itself.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa has leaned heavily on this designer both for official portraits and for National Day, and they have responded by providing her with uniformly flattering clothes. There are also specific elements present in all the designs that make them easy to identify as Yves Dooms. Does it have a solid background of color, streamlined silhouette (no ruffles here), and possibly a bit – or more – of lace embellishment? Yves Dooms it is.

2018 Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg

In 2018, the Dutch royals paid a three-day state visit to Luxembourg, and the Grand Duchess wore a pair of coats from the designer. The first was a lilac coat with a front clasp and stand-up collar. She also wore a deep fuchsia coat buttonless coat with a round collar.

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For the banquet (which was pretty much dominated by the appearance of the Stuart on Max), the Grand Duchess wore a stunning pink embellished gown by Dooms.

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2017 National Day

I feel that red is a universally flattering color for royals, and it certainly works for Maria Teresa. Note the bit of lace at the collarbone and the buttonless coat, both Yves Dooms signatures for the Grand Duchess.

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2018 Official Portrait

This spectacular dress, which is incredibly pretty on the Grand Duchess, is perfect for either a National Day dinner (and has been worn at one, in 2017) and for an official portrait. The neckline, the lace detail, and the 3/4 length sleeves are both regal and just beautiful.

Yves Dooms also created the bridal gown of Marie-Christine of Austria, which we featured back in the day in this post.

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Can you identify other Yves Dooms creations that the Grand Duchess (or anyone) has worn? Remember, solid colors, open coats, and lace details all figure prominently! Also, if anyone knows anything about the designer (or designers) we would all like to hear about it.