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Don’t Let Them Get Your Goat

If I’ve learned only one thing over my nearly 40 years of royal watching, it’s that all royals LOVE GOATS.

The Countess of Wessex is the most recent member of the BRF to fall under their magical spell. Poor woman can’t get within two feet of one before she’s sucked straight into the Goat Vortex.

Photo credits: Hello Magazine, The Holsworthy Post, Twitter

Kate is obviously the newbie, having only mastered lamb feedings. (As you can see, the goat is not amused and most likely took her to task off camera.)

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Lest you think the Brits are the only goat aficionados.

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Do you have any favorite royals with goats photos? I know we just covered wild animals on Wednesday, but what about royals and more domesticated animals, like sheep, cows, and yes, goats? Share with us in the comments!