Duchess of Gloucester is a lady in red…

….and a very visible one, at that.

February 7, 2019: The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at Waitangi Day celebrations in London.

The Duchess of Gloucester quietly works her way through events under every radar there is, but I think this red ensemble deserves a shout out. For one thing, it’s got the visibility requirement nailed down. You can tell there is a royal in the house, but she isn’t in the least glitzy, just a lovely focal point.

It’s also a quite modern without overreaching for youthful. I know the combination of a bold color with dark boots is standard for many women in the winter, but I always like to see it on the mature royal set. It lends a certain jaunty air. As The Handbag herself, I would like to see an actual handle bag rather than the usual clutch, but that’s merely to add zhuzz points, not a necessity.

Waitangi Day is considered New Zealand’s National Day, but the celebrations have not been without controversy. You can read more about Waitangi Day here: