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Dynamic Duos

Royaling is first and foremost a family business, and the family aspect came to the forefront this week as the royals traveled in pairs. The matriarchs of these families have over 100 years of total service to their countries. Let’s just be honored that we are lucky enough to live now, and to witness it.

Princess Mabel and Princess Beatrix attended the presentation of the 5th Prince Friso engineering award at ASML in Veldhoven. The award is in honor of the Prince, who studied Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and at the Technical University of Delft. Prince Friso died in 2013, after a skiing accident.

This year’s award went to Maja Rudinac. She developed a robot walker, which assists those who have difficulty with movement.

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Yes, I still occasionally suffer from lace fatigue, and I find myself squinting at the sleeves on both women. However, overall they look utterly themselves and I am so chuffed by the continued nurturing of the memory of Friso that I will definitely overlook this.

Lest you think something was missing from Mabel’s ensemble, look closely at the shoulder of her coat. Yes, there is the bow.

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The monarch and the monarch-but-one of Denmark are making an official visit to Argentina. On Day one, Fred and Daisy made a stop at Yacht Club in Buenos Aires, and mother and son spent some time chatting up all the officials, as you do on such a stop, and grinning at each other.

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Daisy’s lovely fresh dress is a repeat, last seen during a visit with the French president. Fred, well, who really knows what Fred is wearing? He is looking rather laddish and charming and that’s enough.

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Queen Elizabeth visited Kings College to open Bush House, the latest education and learning facilities on the Strand Campus, in central London. The Queen was resplendent in pink, and sported the Small Pink and Diamond brooch. She brought Kate along for company and to share a few belly laughs. The Duchess wore Catherine Walker and her new Gianvito block pumps, which I covet like no one’s business. What Kate Wore has a whole breakdown on her outfit, as usual.

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Three appearances and six royals, all in one fell swoop. We are all about value around here, folks! What’s your take on these ladies and gent?