Farewell Fotoshops: The Girls of Great Britain & Ireland

We’ll have a series of “Farewell Fotoshops” to close out our time here at The Handbag. First up is Her Late Majesty’s “go to”, The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara. This tiara was a wedding present from the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland’, a committee of women formed to raise money to buy a wedding present for Princess Mary, The Duchess of York, in 1893. The committee’s chairwoman was Lady Eva Greville, who went on to become one of Queen Mary’s ladies-in-waiting.  In November 1947 Queen Mary gave the tiara as a wedding present to her grand-daughter, Princess Elizabeth, and the rest is history. 

As you can see, this versatile tiara suits just about every head. Too bad some of these ladies can’t borrow it for real!

Mary gets to live with the Brits. I ran out of royals, and she’s originally from a Commonwealth country, so…

Feel free to save any or all of the above to your files if you haven’t done so over the years. It was a joy making them for you all!