Fifty for the Fiftieth – Mary’s Best Daytime Appearances

The Poppins Princess turns fifty. As unbelievable as it seems, it is true. Although many of the activities scheduled for her birthday have been postponed, we are still going to celebrate Crown Princess Mary’s milestone birthday here.

We have learned lessons from the “Forty for the Fortieth” that we ran for the Duchess of Cambridge. Baguettes and Hofdudes love their royal moments and can easily provide us with examples of the best. So instead of giving you our top ten in this category, we are just presenting each of our favorite moments, and giving the community the opportunity to fill in the rest. Since Mary isn’t as well covered as the Duchess of Cambridge, the designer identification might be trickier. If you want to do some research (fun research!) the Style of Mary blog and UFONoMore are your friends. If you can’t find anything, just add a description and we’ll figure it out – or not – later.

As always, if you add your pick to the poll and a photo in the comments, it helps your chances. You all have three choices. The poll closes Friday at noon.

The Handbag: I was spoiled for choice here but I finally fell down on this one. I mean it was really, “Oh, this one. NO! This one. Oh, but there’s this one.” Finally, I rolled the dice and landed on Prince Oscar’s Christening in 2016. The dress is by Max Mara and the hat by Suzanne Juul.

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OC: There certainly are a lot of beautiful garments to choose from! I’m going to go with this beautiful red dress worn to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Danish flag. Scroll through the slides to see the fun detail on Mary’s shoes. The dress is the Raquel Diniz Armonia Dress in red.

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LG: Saucy Mary in orange. The dress was also worn with the obligatory hat during her Ascot appearance in 2016. The dress is by Marc Jacobs and the Ascot hat is by Jane Taylor.

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LiL: Here is the Poppins Princess making florals youthful, not frumpy. Behold her appearance at the Scandinavia House on October 20, 2011, in New York City. She re-wore it in 2015!

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