Fifty for the Fiftieth – Mary’s Best Evening Wear

The top ten daytime lookscoats, and maternity wear have been chosen; let’s move on to determine the Crown Princess’s top ten evening looks.

The Hofdames are presenting each of our favorites and giving the community the opportunity to fill in the rest. If you want to do some research (fun research!) the Style of Mary blog and UFONoMore are your friends. If you can’t find anything about the designers or the event, just add a description and we’ll figure it out – or not – later.

As always, if you add your pick to the poll and a photo in the comments, it helps your chances. You all have three choices. The poll closes Friday at noon.

Hofdame Choices

OC: The Crown Princess wore this Jesper Høvring to the Bambi Awards in 2014 (and has since reconfigured and re-worn it!) Perfection. Sigh. This one shows up periodically here – for the best of reasons.

LuckeyGirl – Mary wore this caped Valentino to the Japanese enthronement banquet and to say she made quite an entrance is an understatement.

LIL: Showing that she knew what she was doing from the beginning, Mary wore this lovely icy blue Malene Birger gown to her pre-wedding banquet.

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The Handbag – I have a soft spot for tulle, and Mary demonstrated she can wear it with the best of them by pairing her Jayson Brunsdon skirt with a contrasting brown velvet jacket. Bonus point for excellent glove and sash deployment.

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Baguette/Hofdude Choices

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Let's pick the top ten!