Fifty for the Fiftieth – Mary’s Best Maternity Wear

The top ten daytime looks and coats have been chosen; let’s move on to determine the Crown Princess’s top ten maternity looks.

The Hofdames are presenting each of our favorites and giving the community the opportunity to fill in the rest. If you want to do some research (fun research!) the Style of Mary blog and UFONoMore are your friends. If you can’t find anything about the designers or the event, just add a description and we’ll figure it out – or not – later.

As always, if you add your pick to the poll and a photo in the comments, it helps your chances. You all have three choices. The poll closes Friday at noon.

Baguette Choices

OC: I’ll go with this kicky little floral suit from the 2010 visit to Germany. Peak accessorizing!

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LuckeyGirl: How can someone look so glam in maternity wear? Add a little gold lamé and a Crown Princess and there you have it!

LiL: She knows how to keep it professional while pregnant. I love this jumper and that necklace in particular!

The Handbag: This Ralph Lauren one-shoulder gown, worn in 2010 when she was in her third pregnancy and was carrying twins, is just fun and fabulous.

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Baguette Choices

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Let's choose the best maternity wear!