First or Final?

We’ve defended, we’ve voted and we once took a trip through time with the Dutch Antique Pearl Tiara.

This week we’re going to do a little time traveling ourselves, discussing tiaras in their previous and current forms. Tying into the other discussions this week (State Visit and Blue Jewels) we’re kicking this series off with Princess Anne’s Pine Flower Tiara.

The First Tiara

This tiara originally belonged to the Queen Mum, who received it as an anniversary present from her husband, King George VI. Created by Cartier, the original tiara was designed as a series of pine flowers and pine cones created from aquamarines. Interspersed between the flowers and pine cones were rectangular cut aquamarines.

Side note: pine cones in a tiara…seriously…I thought I had seen some weird stuff…but this might take the cake.

This one didn’t last in the Queen Mum’s jewelry box as she passed it on to her granddaughter Princess Anne. There are rumors that it went to Queen Elizabeth II first, but there are no photos of her wearing it (yes, they wear tiaras to private events, so it’s possible…).

The Final Tiara

At some point after receiving the tiara, Anne had it altered; removing the central pineflower and replacing it with a rectangular cut aquamarine. It also appears that she’s shortened it a bit, but that could just be that it’s hard to see the base in Anne’s hair.

Since Anne isn’t considered one of the “main players” by most media outlets, pictures of her wearing this tiara are usually from far away, through a car window or taken from TV screencaps.


So there you have it – Anne doing her best to keep pinecone tiaras in vogue.

What do you guys think?

Which do you prefer?