Forty for the Fortieth – Catherine’s Best Coats

On January 9th, the Duchess of Cambridge turns forty years young. Here at the Handbag, we are celebrating that event with forty of her best looks. Baguettes and Hofdudes will get their chance to weigh in, too.

The plan is to end up with a top ten list from each of these categories: coats, day wear, evening wear, and maternity wear. We’ll highlight one category per week in January.

This is how it works: The Hofdames will give you our choices, and you can either agree with us or add your own choice to the poll at the end of the post. If there are enough votes for your choice, it will knock off one of ours. We just have opinions and aren’t the end and be all of ANYTHING. (Hint: If you post a photo in the comments *and* add your choice to the poll, it will help you garner votes for your pick. Just saying!)

You can vote for three choices. The poll ends Friday at noon, Eastern Daylight Time! So get your vote in!

Of course, she’s the Coat Queen, so let’s start with that category. (Remember when you are making your own choices that there will be a maternity category. Save some firepower for that week!)

1 Massimo Dutti Handcrafted Checked Wool Coat , worn in 2020 to the University of Derby. (Submitted by LiL!)

2 Alexander McQueen Green Belted Coat, worn at the 2019 Irish Guards Parade. (Submitted by LiL!)

3 Erdem Plaid, worn with a royal lady ponytail in 2016 (Submitted by the Handbag!)

4 Catherine Walker White Coat, 2017 Easter Sunday church service at St George’s Chapel (Submitted by the Handbag!)

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5 Roksanda Denton Coat, January 2020 King’s Lynn church service. (Submitted by the Handbag!)

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6  Faux fur-trimmed Catherine Walker coat, worn to Christmas 2019 at Sandringham. (Submitted by OC!)

7 Eponine Red Coat, 2021 National Portrait Gallery visit. (Submitted by LuckeyGirl!)

8 Catherine Walker Burgandy Velvet Collar coat, Christmas 2018 (Submitted by LuckeyGirl, who apparently has a red thing going on!)

9 Alexander McQueen Tartan Coat, Sandringham Christmas 2013 (Submitted by LuckeyGirl!)

10 Catherine Walker Blue V-Neck, ANZAC Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey April 2019 (Submitted by the Handbag!)

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Here are some Baguette choices:

Plum Coat, Designer Unknown, Hobbes Faux Fur, Sportmax Green, Catherine Walker Burgandy

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What is your favorite?