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Forty for the Fortieth – Catherine’s Best Daytime Looks

It’s time to pick the top ten daytime looks from the Duchess!

Here is a reminder on how this works: The Hofdames will give you our choices, and you can either agree with us or add your own in the poll at the end of the post. If there are enough votes for your choice, it will knock off one of ours. We aren’t the end and be all of ANYTHING. (Hint: If you post a photo in the comments *and* add your choice to the poll, it will help you garner votes for your pick. Just saying!)

Daytime “looks” means clothes worn during the day – so there is quite a spectrum here, from casual to semi-dressy. Jeans to Chanel. What can we say? We only had so many categories ; ). Remember you aren’t comparing these against each other, just choosing what you think she wore best. You get three choices, so if you think she wore the Chanel dress as beautifully as she did the jeggings and hiking boots – choose both of them. The poll closes Friday at noon.

Hofdame Choices

1 Naeem Khan Blue-on-White Dress, worn to the Taj Mahal in 2016. (Submitted by the Handbag!)

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2 Chanel Dress, worn in Paris 2017. (Submitted by the Handbag!)

3 Tory Burch “Paulina” Dress, most recently seen in 2015 (Submitted by the Handbag!)

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4 Singapore designer Raoul for a visit to the Rainbow Centre in Queenstown, Singapore, 2012 (Submitted by OC!)

5 Dolce & Gabbana Yellow Dress, Wimbledon 2018. (Submitted by OC!)

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6 Emilia Wickstead skirt, Brora Cashmere Sweater/Jumper, worn for a Christmas Party in 2018 (Submitted by LuckeyGirl!)

7 Issa “Engagement” Dress, worn to the engagement photocall in 2010. (Submitted by LuckeyGirl)

8 Penelope Chilvers (much worn, much loved) boots with jeans and vest, Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan. (Submitted by LuckeyGirl)

9 Michael Kors Dress, First Day of School, 2019 (Submitted by Lil!)

10 Gucci Mini-Dress, 2016 Visit to V&A’s Exhibition Road Quarter (Submitted by LiL!)

Baguette Choices

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What is your favorite daytime look?