Forty for the Fortieth – Catherine’s Best Evening Wear

On to our glamour week. The Duchess in evening wear!

This is how it works: The Hofdames will give you our choices, and you can either agree with us or add your own choice to the poll at the end of the post. If there are enough votes for your choice, it will knock off one of ours. We just have opinions and aren’t the end and be all of ANYTHING. (Hint: If you post a photo in the comments *and* add your choice to the poll, it will help you garner votes for your pick. Just saying!)

Note: We didn’t list every outing of every gown, only the ones we remembered ; ). For example, the Jenny Packham Green was worn during her pregnancy with Charlotte, but it was also worn during non-pregnancy so we have included it. Some of these gowns have names, but we went with descriptions because that’s how most of us identify the dresses.

You can vote for three choices. The poll ends Friday at noon, Eastern Daylight Time. So get your vote in!

Hofdame Choices

Baguette and Hofdude Choices

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