Fringe Friday – Japanese Pearl Sunburst

We didn’t get tiaras at the New Year’s events, so let’s soothe ourselves with a long look at one of the family favorites. Worn by Michiko and Masako when they were Crown Princesses, this fringe is a modified kokoshnik shape with the added pearl detail along the top. The fringes are interrupted here and there with some nice round, diamond detail. There isn’t much information on it, other than it was first worn by Michiko as a Crown Princess, and then by Masako. It may well be with Crown Princess Kiko now, and perhaps we will see it on her in the future.

The tiara has a modern design, which sets it apart from the other tiaras in the Imperial family. Some people say is almost an art deco piece, some find it more mid-century modern. It is part of a parure, with a necklace that mirrors it and a set of earrings.

Does the Sunburst bring sunshine to your eyes?