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Glitter Giveaway – Queens-in-Training and Their Sisters

From our community member Mitten Mary, and a couple other members who I have unfortunately forgotten. Speak up in the comments if this was your idea ; ). For this glitter giveaway, we are taking on the topic of starter tiaras. Some of the starter tiaras of the past have been sad disappointments (poor Princess Victoria is in a corner, gently weeping over her paperclips), and we are determined to do a better job of it for the next crop of queens and princesses. And, yes, it gives me a chance to use all these doodles that have been gathering dust.

Netherlands- Junior A Team Members

Transport yourself to the future (I’m sure many of us want to right about now). In this case, to April 10, 2025. Princess Ariane of the Netherlands has just turned 18, and her sisters, Amalia and Alexia are 21 and 19. Oma Bea is still on the circuit (we hope!),  Máxima is the wearer of the big guns, and Catharina-Amalia gets the Crown-Princess-y pieces. So Alexia and Ariane NEED starter tiaras.

A Team

Note: We will have a post dedicated to the Princess of Orange, so hold off on her for the time being.


Why don’t we call these two the E Team? I am going to try to make that a thing here – why not? The lovely Elisabeth will one day have her pick of the relatively slim Belgian collection, but let’s make sure  Princess Eléonore has something substantially sparkly of her own. In fact, let’s go nuts and give them both something from somewhere that will set off their fair good looks, shall we?



The Danish princesses are full of spark, and they deserve starter tiaras that stand up to that gumption. Think of them as Benediktes-in-Training, and let’s get them something that will serve them as her tiaras have served her.

Josephine and Vincent
Christian and Isabella


As the sole girl-child of the Cambridge family, Charlotte stands alone and I don’t think she minds one bit. I always thought she would have more than enough enthusiasm for tiara wearing, and with her dark hair lots of sparkling gems would really pop on her head!

Charlotte and George


I think many Handbaggers have been imagining tiaras on Estelle’s head since the day she was born. With the recent Bernadotte documentary fresh in our minds, it won’t be hard to pick out a few choices for this Queen-in-Training.



The glorious princess and infanta of Spain have the hair, face and bearing of people born to wear a tiara. I suspect that their actual tiara wearing days will be very carefully planned out, but we can let our own fancy run wild here.

Sofia and Leonor


Like the other Queens-in-Training, Ingrid Alexandra will have the run of the country’s vault when her time comes, but she isn’t going to jump into the Big Guns right away. Let’s find something to ease our Princess of the North into the tiara wearing world.

Ingrid Alexandra