Glo-ing in London

One thing I’m really excited about here at Lilibet’s Handbag, is the opportunity to cover more than just the “popular” (read “young”) royals. They might not be the Glamour Girls anymore, but they are most certainly the backbones of their respective families, and I am making it my mission to cover their events. So if there’s anything out there to report, I’ll be sharing it with you here. Now on to the business at hand!

The Duchess of Gloucester officially opened the Basketmakers Company Trade Fair at Guildhall, in London. The duchess became the company’s Honorary Liveryman in 1991, becoming the first member of the royal family to hold the position.

It was yet another day in red for Birgitte, and while I’m always on board for a Duchess In Red, I do have to admit that this is my least favorite shade of the color.

If you’ve ever wondered what The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers is all about, I took this straight from their website:

 The objectives of the Company today are to:

  • promote fellowship among our members
  • support the craft of basketmaking
  • support the Lord Mayor and the City of London & preserve its heritage
  • promote charitable works

Sounds good to me.