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Great Wedding Gown Game – The Road Less Traveled

As promised, here is a look at the less popular, but no less beautiful gowns worn by our royal ladies. This is the initial free-for-all, where we throw any gown we want into the ring. There are two parameters: we are still reviewing contemporary gowns (post-1921) and they cannot be gowns that appeared in the top fifteen of our first poll. If you need a refresher, these were our top fifteen the first time around.

Once again, the Hofdames will start you off:

The Bag – I am reaching into my Royal Obscura bag for a beautiful but relatively unknown dress. Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria married Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum in December 2008. Marie-Christine is the daughter of  Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri’s sister. The bride’s dress was designed by Yves Doom, a Belgian designer. It is a fabulous example of a perfect coat dress with seasonal touches at the cuffs. The bride wore the family lace veil and a floral tiara often seen on Princess Alexandra.

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I’m throwing in a quick second choice here, from an autumn wedding. Prince Jaime Bourbon-Parma (the son of Princess Irene of the Netherlands) and Viktoria Cservenyak married in October 2013. The gown was designed by Danish designer Claes Iversen. It featured a full-length sleeve and lace detail at the bottom.

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LG: I am heading south from my last pic to showcase Infanta Cristina’s wedding gown. Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín married on October 4, 1997, in Barcelona, after meeting the previous year at the Atlanta Olympics. Cristina’s gown was designed by Lorenzo Caprile, featuring a princess silhouette, made of silk specially made in Valencia. While the gown looks plain, there is an embroidered detail at the empire line of which is carried through to the train.

Well…if Suds is picking two (yes, sometimes we’re 3 years old here)… my second pick is Princess Anne. Is it the most beautiful gown I’ve ever seen, no; but is it 1,000% the most “Anne” gown I’ve ever seen? Yes!

Anne’s gown was designed by Maureen Baker. It was an embroidered Tudor-style with Anne said to have designed many aspects of the dress herself.

LiL: I’m going with Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein’s Valentino gown. Elisabetta married Prince Amedeo of Belgium, son of Astrid and Lorenz, in 2014. There are a couple of things I could live without, weird sleeves and Swiss Dot come to mind, but her veil covers up the worst of it, and it does look wonderful on the bride. I think the cut of it is perfect for her height and frame.

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OC: It is 4 hours before this post is scheduled to publish and I am still going back and forth over my final pick. So I’m coming in hot with two, because honestly I’ve got to go to bed and still can’t pick one over the other! The looks are very different from each other and I love them equally.

My first pack is Kendra Spears, now known as Princess Salwa. She married Prince Rahim Aga Khan, the eldest son of His Highness Aga Khan IV, in August 2013. Her traditional sari was designed by Manav Gangwani. As we have seen with other traditional outfits (see Princess Lalla Salma) the longer length and therefore, more usage of fabric indirectly displays the level of prosperity. I just think this is sparkleblergh gone fancy.

Annnnnd then there’s this beauty, both the lady and her traditional wedding garb. In October 2011, Miss Jetsum Pema married the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck wearing traditional Bhutanese garb called kira, made of raw silk. If you like wedding attire with colors other than white, this bride is for you! Behold the glory of the Dragon Queen!

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Vote as many times and throw in as many choices as you want. The gowns should be royal-related, post 1921, and not in our last top fifteen.

You have until Thursday, July 29, noon ET, to vote. We’ll knock it down to the next fifteen for next Friday. Have fun!

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