Guest Post – The Queen’s Handbags

This is a great piece! Click the link to see how the term “handbagging” came about (HInt: think Maggie Thatcher). You’ll see some early images of QEQM with her first Launer bag, Margaret Thatcher with hers, the general manufacturing process, and how HM’s bags are customized. You will also see special bags that Angela Kelly bought for HM, the history and present day aspects of the firm, and some new stylish bags. There are also many shots of the Queen and her bag in action.

Fun Handbag Facts

  • The Queen has kept all of the Queen Mother’s Launer handbags. Will this tradition continue to new generations? There’s apparently a mini-trend going on that says it will. Read here and here.
  • According to the Telegraph, “Her Majesty reportedly owns 200 handbags, and all of them are made by London-based leather goods company Launer. She has two favorite styles from their collection. The first, Traviata, costs $2,060. It’s lined with suede and there’s a mirror inside, because even monarchs have to touch up their lipstick now and again.”
  • Her other reported favorite style is the $2,242 ” Royale.” (“This is a handbag of regal pedigree,” the official product description says. Wink, wink.)
  • Launer holds a Royal Warrant, which means that the Queen has given the company permission to publicly say that they sell things to the royal family.