Haakon and Mette-Marit Tour Oppland

Each year Haakon and Mette-Marit take a “mini-tour” of one of the counties in Norway, and this year’s lucky recipient was the county of Oppland. (For more information on M-M’s clothing and/or the tour, check out the fantastic site “UFO No More”.)

Day 1- The couple started their tour in Dovre, where they climbed up a hill to a local viewpoint to learn more about it and the area’s history, then made their way to Lejsa where they were greeted in the town square. While they were there they helped to highlight the importance of volunteerism in today’s world, by helping to haul wood among other things.

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Day 2 – Everyone was off to Skjåk, to learn more about water conservation, which is a big issue in that area. Then they visited a mill and local school. After that was a visit to Lom, where health and well-being via healthy eating and exercise was part of the plan. Then they attended a reception, where bunad was the star!l

Day 3 – The last two stops were in Vågå and in Sel. In Vågå they visited an old church and community garden, and opened a photography exhibition. Then it was on to Sel, where they visited a farm, ( which was my very favorite part of the whole tour) and finally a trip to the village of Heidal, which has the most historical and protected buildings in Norway.

It’s always nice to see Mette-Marit out and about, looking happy and most importantly of all, healthy. Hopefully we’ll see her again soon.