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Spam the Hair Ornaments

Time for a purely fun post and one close to this Hofdame’s heart. You know how I feel about hair ornaments, so let’s give the best of them some love. I’ll start off with a few of my favorites.

Princess Madeleine pinned the rose brooch from the Braganza parure into her flowing (then) blonde locks.

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After the Danish Ruby tiara redesign, Mary had a couple of pieces left. They were made into hairpins, which she tucked into her updo for a finishing touch.

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Max has worn this wheat ear piece several times in several different hair styles. For her 40th birthday she used it to secure her loose hair behind her ear and was down to party ; ).

I suspect this one is on almost everyone’s favorites list: for her pre-wedding gala Crown Princess Victoria drove Cupid’s Arrow through her updo, and brought out the romantic sighs in most of us.

I am throwing this “mystery piece” worn by Princess Marie into the mix in the hopes that someone can identify it for me. As far as I know she wore it once and it has never been seen again.

Throw your own favorite hair ornaments into the mix!