Hall of Fame – Queen Letizia, Daywear

Thank you to our guest author, Iselen, for this post! You knew Varela would feature prominantly, and ¡ahí está! – here he is.

Runner Up

The runner-up is from Mr. Sarkozy, president of France, and Carla Bruni’s official visit. This burgundy “tucked dress” by Felipe Varela is her favourite for sure, the outfit she’s repeated the most in her life, even seven years later after she cut her hair. It’s an iconic outfit that Spanish people remember. I’ve chosen this visit because you know how obsessed magazines are with “duels between ladies” and Carla’s visit was highly anticipated, everybody was expecting them to compete to be the best dressed and so on… but they both chose simple outifts, actually, and Letizia played it safe by picking out her favourite and probably most comfortable dress. 

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Her proclamation coat, something that Spanish people will remember forever, of course. It was a tricky event because times have changed al lot since that “capote” coloured long dress worn by Queen Sofía and nobody had clear ideas about what Letizia was going to wear. We imagined that she was going to choose simplicity and probably short… but everybody was fearing the worst since Varela’s designs aren’t very appreciated here. We all liked it more than we expected although her hair was a disappointment and we all prefer the updo she wore one year later for an event with the Civil Guard. 

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