Tiaras in the Wild – Leah Behn at the Debutantes Ball

We had a tiara in the wild appearance last week. Leah Behn, daughter of Princess Martha Louise and granddaughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, appeared at the Debutantes Ball in Paris. She was wearing a lovely Giambattista Valli gown, but it is what is on her head that caused the biggest stir. Yes, that is a tiara, a in a venue that’s different for us. Since royals have reduced tiara-wearing, we need to get our thrills where we can.

(Thanks to Tiara Mania and Couture and Royals, we have lots of information from the event. H/T to Tiara Mania for supplying us with the jeweler’s website).

It’s not a family tiara (you can see the Norwegian tiaras here), but where did it come from? Our Hofdame LuckeyGirl thinks it looks a lot like a diamond version of Princess Thyra of Denmark’s tiara, which was rumored to be sold many years ago. That tiara, however, has a few differences, chief among them the fact that it has only appeared in sapphire and turquoise form.

The tiara on Leah’s head was said to be sold by Sotheby’s (the listing is here), and was on loan to Leah from V. Muse Jewelers. The jeweler loaned out several tiaras for the event.

So not the same, but perhaps in the same family.

And just for fun, here are a couple more tiaras in the wild from that event!

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