Handbag Survey – The Dutch Royal Tour

The Dutch Royal Tour of the Caribbean (a.k.a the “longest tour ever”) wrapped up yesterday. There were no tiaras, but it was a color extravaganza. Let’s weigh in our favorites from this event.

Queen Maxima

Max is a tour pro so we got a nice selection of repeats with some new outfits sprinkled in. What was your favorite Maxima outfit?

What's your favorite?

Amalia, Princess of Orange

It was Princess Amalia’s first tour, and she looked a little tiny shellshocked on a few occasions (What? I have to dance again? In public?) Overall, she did great. There were some wonderful human moments between her and the people she visited. Let us know what your favorite outfit is!

What's your favorite outing?

The Accessory Game

Oh, there were BIG earrings. There were fancy earrings. There were sunglasses. There were brooches – even in the Queen’s hair (she always sneaks something in!). Let us know your favorite!

What is your favorite accessory?


Since the tour was so so very long, these lists are not comprehensive. Add anything you saw that you want to note in the comments or add it to the surveys!