Handbag Vocabulary

As we go through our royal content, we often develop nicknames and abbreviations for different items. This page will be a place to collect phrases specific to Lilibet’s Handbag. Please note The Handbag does not intend to backfill this list with information from any other communities we may have belonged to.

Ambidresstrous: Used to describe someone who can wear culturally traditional clothing as well as modern Western wear equally well.

Annja’d: A combination of Anne (The Princess Royal from UK) and Sonja’s (Queen of Norway) names to be used as a verb to describe the smart rewearing of an outfit which may be thirty years old.

Baguette – If you’re reading this, you are one.

Bébé Deluxe: Prince Charles of Luxembourg, son of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie

Big Bird – Yellow gown worn by Queen Sonja of Norway from 1996 onward.

Big Red – Red ballgown worn by Crown Princess Victoria to the 2014 Nobel Prize Ceremony.

Blingshifter: (courtesy of Miss Lucas) Jewelry that is versatile, with the ability to switch out jewels – like the Dutch trellis necklace.

The Boss: Reference to OoS blog author.

Classic Princess: A princess of a certain age, who has honed her princessing skills to a razor edge. Princess Benedikte of Denmark is epitome of this class, but see also Princess Alexandra of Great Britain, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and Princess Irene of Spain

Coatigan: Cardigan + Coat – as originally worn by the Duchess of Sussex to the U.S. Open

Cummerbundy: Used to describe Crown Princess Mary’s waistline at King Willem-Alexander’s investiture

The Egg: Used to describe the Dutch emerald drop.

Glam Cams: A term of affection for the magnificence of the Duchess of Cornwall when she gets fancy.

Godmother of Europe: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, godmother of 18 children, many of whom are royal and few of them Queens in Training

Gorgonzola – Handbag speak for gorgeous or glorious. Coined by Baguette Wendy1

Handbagiversary: A term coined to describe the annual January celebration of the start of Lilibet’s Handbag.

Hofdame: Dutch for Lady-in-Waiting. First used by our community member TripleA. Used in this community to describe the site moderators.

Hofdude – A male Baguette!

Kermit – Heavily sequined green Elie Saab gown worn by Crown Princess Victoria.

Kokoshnikify: Used to describe the process of editing a tiara to make it appear more like a kokoshnik style piece. Can be accomplished by changing the angle the piece is worn or adding a top line of stones as examples.

La Awada: Nickname for Juliana Awada, First Lady of Argentina

Megasnerk: A term to describe ultimate levels of expressing amusement with a healthy dose of side eye and snickering.

OoS: Royalty blog entitled The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor. Many community members were first in contact at that site. AKA The Mothership.

PBJ: Prince/ess Bob Jellyfish, a name coined while waiting for George Cambridge’s arrival.

QEQM: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Queens in Training: The current crop of royal princesses who one day will be Queen Regnants. Includes Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Leonor, Princess of Asturias, Princess Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway and Princess Estelle of Sweden. #thegirlsarecoming

Random Royaling: Anything that comes up in the day to day duties of royals.

Retrospectoscope: The lens in which we view historical items, images, jewels, and fashion.

Shed and Buffalo Party – The annual Danish New Year’s levee. From a funny Instagram translation on a Danish photo.

The Sparkle Sisters: A term of endearment for Japanese Princesses Mako and Kako (nieces of the current Emperor).

The Yeti: A term used to describe Margrethe II of Denmark’s favorite fur wrap.