Handbag Vocabulary

Hello everyone! As we go through our royal content, we often develop nicknames and abbreviations for different items. This page will be a place to collect those types of things specific to Lilibet’s Handbag. Please note The Handbag does not intend to backfill this list with information from any other communities we may have belonged to.

Coatigan (OzinLA) – Cardigan + Coat – as originally worn by the Duchess of Sussex to the U.S. Open

Cummerbundy: Used to describe Crown Princess Mary’s waistline at King Willem-Alexander’s investiture

The Egg: Used to describe the Dutch emerald drop

Kokoshnikify: Used to describe the process of editing a tiara to make it appear more like a kokoshnik style piece. Can be accomplished by changing the angle the piece is worn or adding a top line of stones as examples.

La Awada: Nickname for Juliana Awada, First Lady of Argentina

Megasnerk: A term to describe ultimate levels of expressing amusement with a health dose of side eye and snickering.

PBJ: Prince/ess Bob Jellyfish, a name coined while waiting for George Cambridge’s arrival.

Pr. Been: Nickname for Princess Benedikte

Retrospectoscope: The lens in which we view historical items, images, jewels, and fashion.

The Yeti: A term used to describe Margrethe II of Denmark’s favorite fur wrap.