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Heir, no more

In the royal families this blog typically follows, there are two people in recent times who have been displaced from their role as heir to the throne by their government’s modern legislation.


His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Sweden, Duke of Värmland is the only son of the current king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. At the time of his birth in 1979, Carl Philip was the heir apparent of Sweden. Sweden’s constitution was amended to establish absolute primogeniture as of 01 January 1980. This meant that Carl Philip’s older sister Victoria became the heir apparent and he became second in line. Carl Gustaf has been said to be upset that the change came into effect after Carl Philip’s birth.

Early years:

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Recent times:

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His Royal Highness Prince Knud of Denmark was born in 1900, the second son of Christian X. In 1947, Christian X died and Knud’s older brother Frederick came to throne. Frederick and his wife Ingrid had three daughters, and it was assumed that Knud would come to the throne upon Frederick’s death. After legislation passed in 1953 to allow for male-preference cognatic primogeniture (where a woman may inherit provided there are no sons of the man she inherits from), Knud was displaced to be fourth in line after his nieces Margrethe, Benedikte, and Anne-Marie.

What other royals have been displaced as heir? How would things be different today? Tell us their stories and share some photos in the comments.