Her Majesty’s Hat Off – Ascot Division

Although we have rejoiced in the return of Ascot this week, we have yet to see the big star of the show, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She may or may not make an appearance, but in the meantime, we can still celebrate some of her previous years.

Unlike many other racegoers, the Queen is not known for wacky hats. She does bring out the color (colour, in her case) and surprisingly has made some edgy choices. Let’s take a look at representatives from each decade.


Ah, the early 2010s. When we were all younger, and the Queen wore a scoop of strawberry mousse on her head to the races.

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Bold choice, ma’am. Bold.

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I applaud the photographer who got this view of this hat at this race.

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Do you miss polka dots as much as I do? Welcome back to the eighties.

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Two hats for the price of one in this decade. I am a big fan of Elizabeth the Younger’s chapeau here.

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The swinging sixties were a lot of fun, but were not a great decade for hats.

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I’m not sure what to call this shape, but the very young Queen could pull it off.

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The pandemic isn’t the only Ascot interruption the Queen has experienced. Here she is at the first Ascot since World War II.

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Show us your favorite examples of Her Majesty’s hat game in the comments.

What is your favorite hat decade?