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HEY! It’s A Random Royal Rundown!

I have no idea what’s going on, but we had ten- TEN- royal ladies out and about today. And that’s not counting the two state visits going on at the moment. So what’s a blog to do? Why toss up a random post of course!

Sophie is in Lebanon right now, undertaking the first ever official royal visit to the country! She met with a Syrian refugee family receiving UK funded assistance via the UN’s World Food Programme. Camilla, patron of Fulham Palace, attended a reception to mark its reopening following restoration. Kate was at Action on Addiction’s gala dinner, and Beatrice was at a Pitch@Palace event hosted by Andrew at St James Palace.

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Next up is Tilly in a flattering dress! She and Philippe attended the The King Baudouin African Development Prize awards. The prize rewards outstanding contributions made by individuals or organisations in the area of development in Africa. This year’s winners were Lagos Nigeria Laureates Bilikiss (R) and Olawale Adebiyi.

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Over in Spain Leti was taking care of business in Burgo de Osma, where she closed the Journalist’s Seminar ‘Como Los Medios De Comunicacion Pueden Ayudar A Repoblar La España Rural’, while the in-law’s were busy presenting the ‘Fundacion Mapfre Awards 2018’ at Casino de Madrid.

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And last but probably not least we have Vickan and a special guest hiking through Dalarna. Dalarna is Prince Gabriel’s territory, so it was nice of Sofia to tag along and represent. For the record I am HIGHLY JEALOUS of these two wearing gloves, hats and jackets. It’s currently this side of Hades where I’m at.

I don’t recall having such a busy day in quite a while. I suppose they’re making the most of it before they disappear for the summer. Boo.