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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

2021! Let’s send our collective Baguette thoughts out into the universe for a better year, and one in which at least some royal activities return to some type of normal. I think there are enough caveats in that sentence not to jinx things.

First order of business: a big hand to our own Royal Warren(t) for her in-depth, spectacular coverage of the Romanovs last week. She added a lot of sparkle to a week that was lacking in it. No fear, she isn’t done! She’ll be featured every Tuesday until February with more Romanov topics.

Onward, into the new year.

Getty (and Bonus Speeches!)

There are lots of Christmas trees and speeches in the Getty roundup, and a nice feature on “George of Russia”. See it all here.

If you are in need of inspiration, all the English translations of the speeches can be found on Gerts Royals, here. Our own Ween was kind enough to translate King Harald’s speech in Norway, and as he is my favorite king I am very grateful.

Back in the Bag

A year ago, actual tiaras were worn in both Japan and Denmark for the annual levees and receptions. A sight we are sorely missing this year.


We have a sighting of the future wearer of the Goat Tiara (actually a ram, and a fortunately be-jeweled one). The pretender to the Albanian throne, Prince Leka, released a photo of his family, Princess Elia and baby Princess Geraldine. Princess Elia wore the Sapphire Ram tiaraSotheby’s auction in 2016, and the current owner is unknown.


Many of us were transfixed by the permutations of Princess Charlene’s hair in 2020. I think she has found a way to make her ‘do work for conventional photos, though. The blouse is lovely choice by Prada (the Royal Courturier later corrected the identification).


Here comes my favorite Duchess, promoting reading and wearing a fabulous red. I’m really interested to see what she recommends.


The pared back New Year’s receptions were held in Japan. Alas, pared back means no tiaras. Aiko, who is 19, has one more year until she reaches the age of attendance, but everyone else was there,

The Emperor delivered a rallying speech for the nation. Watch through to get a glimpse of the Emperor and Empress Emeritus, and a glimpse of a fabulous brooch on Michiko.

Business as usual elsewhere. You know I am a big advocate of our Queens-in-Training, and would love to add one to that mix. Instead I sigh and remind myself that, as LiL always says, “it’s a big world.” Cultures and priorities differ.


I thought this was a sweet glimpse into a family we don’t often see in the public eye. Prince Laurent of Belgium and his crew posed for a new photo in the new year. I am not one who recoils from family matching, so I appreciated the rainbow of sweaters here. It gives them a nice sense of unity.


We are so glad you are joining us in the new year! Feel free to leave your royal contributions in the comments all week long.