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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

The last three weekends have been party central here at the Bag, so let us gently place some teabags on our eyebags, put up our feet, and cruise through the remainder of the royal news.


The Prince of Wales handed out awards for The Prince’s Trust, there were some “Oldie” awards distributed, and Queen Sofia visited a food bank. See it all here.

Handbag Instagram

If you get a chance to check out the Handbag Instagram, you’ll find events we don’t cover here at the blog. This week it was the Duchess of Brabant’s matriculation day at Oxford. The Queen-in-Training is continuing her well-rounded course of education, and both she and her country will be all the better for it.


The Open Post and comments have lots of information on the weekend wedding of Prince Philippos and Princess Nina. My personal predictions for Nina (nee Flohr)’s ensemble were a Celia Kritharioti gown and the Antique Corsage tiara. The bride wore a Chanel gown, but the tiara prediction was correct. To be fair, it wasn’t at all hard to see that coming. It’s a family tradition at this point.

My psychic powers regarding Kritharioti as the potential designer for Nina Flohr were off, but the designer is going to provide a royal wedding gown in the hopefully not-so-distant future. Kritharioti has confirmed Princess Theodora will wear a wedding dress by the design house. In my crystal ball, I see the Khedive as the tiara (again, not a difficult prediction).

As an example of what might be in store, Queen Anne-Marie, Theodora’s mother, wore a Kritharioti design to Philippos’ wedding.

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Can I teach myself Danish by the time this book is released?


The Norwegian senior royals appeared en famille to open the new MUNCH Museum in Oslo. Queen Sonja splashed some color around with her saturated orange cape coat. The Crown Princess wore a new maxi coat, which looks warm. I am fond of the color and style but think I would prefer it as a midi.

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The King and Crown Princess were the royal attendees at the WWF’s autumn meeting at Ulriksdal Castle, and later presented the annual awards. As is perfectly proper for this type of meeting and this organization, Crown Princess Victoria wore a repeat ensemble. This Acne suit has appeared at least twice before. You probably remember it well, it’s certainly a look that makes quite an impact.

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If you missed this gathering of the cousins and Classic Princesses, here’s your chance to catch up. I really love that these ladies have an apparently close relationship. They are posing under the painting of their grandmother, Princess Margaret of Connaught (or, in Silvia’s case, grandmother-in-law). Also, don’t they all look terrific?


Queen Mathilde attended an academic session of the Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation (QEMF) and presented the QEMF scientific prizes for the years 2020 and 2021, an event that was held at the Royal Palace. Colorful Tils was very much in evidence here, and her Dries van Noten ensemble is both eye-catching and attractive. It’s also very similar to the skirt Princess Caroline wore last week. As always, if you want more information on the Queen and her activities, ModekoninginMathilde has you covered.


I appreciate that we have been seeing more of this Classic Princess lately. She looks cozy in her scarf and her overall purple, doesn’t she? Princess Alexandra was presenting the Queen’s Badge of Honour to British Red Cross Recipients.


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