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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

There is an exciting royal week ahead. The Netherlands State Visit to Norway starts on Tuesday, and next weekend is Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom. That means two Open Posts on the schedule, which has been a long time coming.


WAX opened a museum, Felipe attended the swearing in of new royal guards, and COP26 wrapped up. See it all here.


The Gyaltsuen attended the Salhang Tendrel (groundbreaking) ceremony for The Pema Center. It’s a center for mental health and well-being. I am sure a visit to such a beautiful place, not to mention simply being in the presence of such lovely colors, would immediately improve my well-being.

The Netherlands

Queen Maxima attended the opening of the ARAS software company. She wore a brilliant green shantung dress, by Natan, accessorized with one of her “slice” hats and shoes in darker green. Initially, I thought I would like to see the hat and shoes in contrasting rather than coordinating colors. I can’t come up with quite what would work, though!

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This visit was notable for more than the sartorial elements. Max shared a poignant moment with one of her most loyal fans, who greets her at many engagements and always brings her flowers. The woman recently received a serious medical diagnosis, and she won’t be at Max’s upcoming appearances. An emotional Max hugged her and told her, “I will miss you.”


The Crown Princess took her two youngest children to the Hubertus Hunt, where she presented an award to winner Frederikke Blixencrone-Moelle. The sartorial approach was dark colors and practical hats, but Princess Josephine, in particular, seemed thrilled with the excitement.

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I’ve been puzzling over Princess Benedikte’s hat all weekend. I’m not sure what you call the adornment. I finally decided to toss it to all of you to tell me! She was in attendance at “Princess Benedikte’s Honorary Award Race”, a horse race for amateur riders.

Here she is in more typically elegant Benedikte mode, attending a fashion show.


A new photo has been released of Prince Louis and his fiancee Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue, with Louis’s children Noah and Gabriel. This is more fodder for my “every person looks good in the right red” folder.  

Tiaras in the Wild

In preparation for a sparkly week, let’s warm up with some tiaras-in-the-wild (actually tiaras-in-the-auction-houses) sightings.

Sotheby’s is auctioning two tiaras, one of which is believed to have been owned by Empress Joséphine Bonaparte. Click through to the video, which is of excellent quality. The views of the cameo and intaglio tiaras are spectacular.

Over at Christie’s, this Nitot diamond ears of wheat tiara features various-shaped old-cut diamonds set in silver and gold. This tiara dates from the early nineteenth century and was owned by Princess Pauline Borghese. The auction will be held on November 9, 2021, so warm up those credit cards.


Have royal news? Tell us all about it! The comments will be open all week long.