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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Well, we knew it would happen but the last of the gala events, the party scheduled for Crown Princess Mary’s 50th birthday, has been canceled. So, all is quiet on the royal front these days. Never fear, we have found some things to talk about! Off we go.


There are only a few things to check out at Getty this week, including Princess Kako (which we cover below) and King Juan Carlos’ 84th birthday. See it all here.

Back in the Bag

Oh, those innocent days of early 2020, when we were still anticipating “a stream of events commemorating the 100th anniversary of Danish reunification”. Ah well, we still have the first of them, Queen Margrethe and the Classic Princess Benedikte attending a gala at the Royal Theater. Lots of fur on display folks, that’s your warning.

Forty for the Fortieth Results

That was fun! I know our definitions of coats can differ, but you can’t deny that our Duchess has a lot of them, and wears them well. Here are the top ten choices, and indeed one of the Baguette choices knocked all the Hofdames out of the top spot! If you want to look at the final results, you can find them here.

10. Alexander McQueen Green Belted Coat


The Duchess of Cornwall’s passion for the written word continues to charm me. I would love to visit this book exchange, either with her or on my own! (The dog lead wrapped around her waist amused me!)


January 7th was the anniversary of Emperor Showa’s death and to commemorate the event, Princess Kako visited his mausoleum in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Other Imperial family members attended a ceremony at the Imperial Palace Sanctuaries.


Happy 11th birthday to the Danish twins, who continue to exude a lot of energy. The photos are courtesy of their photographer mother, the Crown Princess.


The Crown Prince and Princess were spotted at a memorial service for Desmond Tutu.


Queen Sofía presided over the 75th anniversary of Cáritas in the Symphonic Hall of the National Music Auditorium. It’s too bad we can’t see a lot of her flower embellished blazer, but I do like the bloom on her lapel.

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I know, I know, things are slow. If you come across any news, please drop it in the comments!