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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

― Albert Camus

Let’s go find our internal summers, shall we?


Getty has some lovely photos of Queen Margrethe’s Jubilee activities and the Japanese New Year’s lectures this week. The Japanese photos are not shareable here, so Getty is your place to view them. There are also some photos following the latest British royal news (which we are not discussing at all). Take a look at it all here.

Forty for the Fortieth – Daytime

We have our next ten entries for the “Forty for the Fortieth”. Well, twelve, actually, since we had a three-way tie for third. I’ll say this: you folks sure like blue and white. Who can blame you? It’s a crisp and modern combination. (By the way, the “Poppy” dress had several entries in the poll so I had to add all the votes together. In totality, it edged out the equally sharp Naeem Khan.)


We sent some love Queen Margrethe’s way on Friday’s posts, but such a momentous occasion deserves a second look.

I like the shots below for two reasons: the clear view of the “Daisy” and horseshoe brooches, and the lovely hat. As one of our Baguettes mentioned, the Queen carried her parents with her during Friday’s celebrations. The “Daisy Brooch” was her mother and grandmother’s piece, and the horseshoe was a gift from her father in 1953, a watershed year for the Princess. The hat, of course, is pure Daisy. Oh, and “Daisy Earrings”. Honestly, this Queen carries history and significance with her everywhere.

Embed from Getty Images

The family supported her beautifully, as they do. The Classic Princess Benedikte was my standout in that beautiful deep purple cape, but Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie did not slack off in that department. UfoNoMore breaks down their ensembles in depth. We can also tell that this was a Big Deal Occasion because Mary wore part of the Danish Ruby Parure (stud earrings) in the daytime (relatively unusual) and Marie wore the Sapphire Pendant.

Embed from Getty Images

Daisy had two grandfathers who were kings. This little piece of information – which I knew but didn’t register – fascinated me last week. It explains a lot about her, and about the Danish monarchy to me. Also, her maternal grandfather was still reigning when she became Queen, which must have been somewhat of a help to her.


We have another very big deal coming up this week, on Friday. Princess Ingrid-Alexandra of Norway – one of our Queens-in-Training, turns eighteen. She recorded a television interview, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be airing outside of Norway. Hopefully, a Norwegian Baguette will let us know what is said!

There are other events scheduled, and we will have an Open Post to follow along.

Reason 1,456 why this community is so wonderful. One of our Baguettes (Too Much Hemlock – thank you!) sent us this gem of a clip. I guarantee watching it will make you smile. It will also make you feel good about the royal upbringing IA has received.


We love wedding gowns around here, so when Princess Nina released this photo from her nuptials last autumn, I knew we had to add it. The Chanel gown was controversial here, to say the least, but what I hadn’t realized was that the train had a lovely embossed/embellished pattern.


We don’t often feature him, but we love a man in uniform around here. Prince Carl Philip visited Sollefteå to re-establish Västernorrland Regiment I 21.


So glad to see you here! Leave your royal news if you have it!