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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Ah, March. In my neck of the woods, it comes in like a lion and goes out …. just a little warmer if we’re lucky. To brighten up the month, one of your favorite royal St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is returning this week, so get ready for that. In the meantime, let’s jump in and see what the royals have been a-doin’.


Did you know that the Duchess of Cornwall dances regularly? She has been taking an online course with Silver Swans, a pastime she took up during the pandemic. So she showed great enthusiasm as she recently opened the Royal Academy of Dance. There are some lovely videos and photos of the visit at the Getty link. See that visit and others here.

Also, the blog writer at Style of Mary attended the new exhibition: “Mary & Kronprinsesserne” (Mary & the Crown Princesesses) (Mary & the Crown Princesses), which commemorates Mary on her 50th birthday. Great photos for you to peruse! (They are her personal property, so please don’t reproduce them here or elsewhere).

Spam the Emerald Earrings Results

Do we love emeralds or what? The great emerald earring contest is done, and all shapes, styles, and sizes are represented in the house. The poll was such a hit we’ll run it regularly. It may not appear weekly, depending on how much royal activity is going on, but you will definitely see a new earring poll soon.


I know royal lady trousers and double-breasted blazers are not favorites around here, but I found the pocket detail on this Blaze Milano blazer to be interesting.


If you missed it, we covered Crown Princess Victoria’s Name Day celebrations this weekend in a separate post. She was busy earlier in the week, too. She wore this House of Dagmar set (top and skirt) for a security briefing on the Middle East with Bitte Hammargren. As always, UFONoMore provides you with all the details.

The Netherlands

The annual NLdoet (a national volunteer day), sponsored by the Oranje Foundation, is back on! The King and Queen dug into their chores at a care farm in Brielle.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Our Oma got into the act as well! Friend of the Blog, Hofdude Triple-A, pulled his connections to get us these photos of Princess Beatrix’s volunteer day at darm De Schaapskooi. Does farming suit her? I think so – at least for a day! (All photos courtesy of RVD Royal Dutch Court, please do not replicate elsewhere).

There was also a dad and daughter sighting at the  ISU World Cup Final.

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The King and Queen visited La Palma, in the Canary Islands, to offer their support to victims of the September 2021 volcanic eruption. The eruption destroyed almost 3,000 buildings, about 1,300 of which were residences. Iselen has been keeping us updated on the clothes in Bits, but for those of you who don’t head back there during the week, the Queen wore clothes from local designers. The blouse is made from “palmero embroidery work” that looks similar to the French Richelieu and is designed by Ana María Rodríguez. The suit is from Bleis Madrid. She has new earrings from Pisando Colores made of crystal and recycled silver, a La Palma brand.

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The couple strolled more casually through town earlier in the day, and I included it because, well, let’s face it they are incredibly good-looking even in casual mode.

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I want to circle back to this because we didn’t discuss it last week and it’s definitely worth a look. It also gives me a chance to plug Zef Dahlia’s beautiful blog. For International Women’s Day, the King and Queen met with Jordanian women to discuss their accomplishments. The Queen is wearing a Jordanian Thoub. It is attributed to the Jordanian design house Enma Al Ahmed and was embroidered by local artisans.


Crown Princess Mary was seen with Princess Benedikte’s daughter, Nathalie, at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning. I know these vest coats and turtlenecks are both controversial around here, but I like the combination on Mary.

There is some confirmation preparation in the works! Isabella wore her Hugo Boss coat, which showed off her newly darkened locks.


This Bits has gone on forever, so let’s end with some Anne energy. I’m just feeling it these days. As she is always busy, this is just a sampling from a meeting at Sandown Park, and a visit to the Sailor’s Children chairty.

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Bring us your royal news from near and far!