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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

It’s Platinum Jubilee week in the United Kingdom! What else needs to be said? As we mentioned before, there will be Open Posts Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the events. The other royals haven’t paused much to let us catch our breaths, either. Let’s dig in.


LOTS of Jubilee preparation! The Prince of Wales presented the Prince’s Trust Awards. Also, the King and Queen of Sweden slipped into the UK to do a round of engagements. See it all here.


The “Unseen Queen” was released last week, and the Twitter royal watchers had pretty much across-the-board raves. It appeared on YouTube for a minute, then disappeared. If you are lucky enough to be in the UK, it’s available on BBC One.

This just fascinated me.

The Jubilee schedule is here.


The people of Sweden get their money’s worth from the Crown Princess, who often packs a couple of very different events into her day. Yesterday, she attended Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation’s seminar, Young People’s Perspective on The Movement’s Significance for Health. She wore a Malene Birger silk shirt in brilliant green and paired it with her Cutilda skirt. Those green pumps are Malene Birger, too.

She also attended Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, wearing an Iris Apfel multi-tiered (and multi-colored) skirt, with a different color and texture of green pump, a pair of Gianvito Rossi high-heelers. (As an aside, Ms. Apfel’s Instagram page is really worth a look if you desire “a bit of color” in your drab life.


The King and Queen attended the first finale concert of the Queen Elisabeth competition yesterday. Do you enjoy a good cape? We have the gown for you! Yes, it’s Natan. But it appears to be “good” Natan Essential Antwerp (Thanks, Onegin!), and the Queen’s gold accessories were truly beautiful. Head over to Modekoningin Mathilde for some excellent photos and commentary.


The King and Queen of Spain were present at Armed Forces Day. The Queen wore an & Me Unlimited sleeveless dress and Yanes diamond earrings with an aqua stone in the middle (H/T to Iselen!). I was heartened to see that they are as awed by flyovers as I am!

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It appears the Princess of Orange has finalized her college plans – she’ll be staying in the country for the time being.


Crown Princess Mary went full Poppins for this event. She helped bury a time capsule for the new “Mary Elizabeth Hospital” for children, adolescents, and maternity patients. Brooch lovers should be rejoicing here. Brim-lovers, too. More information on the event can be found here.


I am all in on this version of Princess Charlene. She and Prince Albert have been appearing at Formula One Events in the principality, and Char has reached into the deep red lipstick and blue outfit corner of her closet. I am here for all of it.

The Prince and Princess walked around to greet the drivers and visit corrals during the pre-qualifying events – I like this Akris tunic. Char has long enough legs to pair it with white trousers and not look as if she is standing in a manhole.

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The Casiraghi siblings popped up, and Princess Alexandra literally wore the color to “pop”. The Princess wore a Batsheva dress and rather remarkably managed to match it to a pair of Bottega Veneta Pumps.

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The whole family joined in to present trophies after the race. Char is in a custom Terrence Bray jumpsuit and Princess Gabriella vibrates with color in a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Lots of details at UFONoMore!

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Tiaras in the Wild

This is some impressive tiara on Princess Amelie! (Don’t ask me how it came to have so many names – same as the bride – but it does signal some long provenance). If you would like some closeups of the dress and guests, head here.


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