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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Housekeeping Note: Next Monday is the U.S. Fourth of July. The Hofdames will be taking a long weekend, including Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. The next Bits will be next Wednesday, July 6th. There will be a couple of Baguette posts that will pop up while we are out, so drop in if you are around!

Summertime! And the livin’ is easy. Except when it’s not. We have another insane week ahead before the Hofdame vacation. We have an Open Post all week for the various NATO activities in Madrid, we’ll check in with the Brits in Scotland later in the week, and we have a Dutch state visit to Austria as well. That starts today, and if there are tiaras afoot we’ll take a look at those on Tuesday.


Catch up on investitures in Great Britain, the Commonwealth Leaders at CHOGM, and dog shows in Spain, all here. (There is a Princess Mabel appearance, too, but we are covering in her a separate post later this week – or possibly next week given how busy it is – so hold tight!)


Princess Elisabeth put down her pencil after her last exam at Oxford and headed straight home to officially christen the oceanographic research vessel Belgica in Ghent.   The Princess stepped up elegantly and ably in her Reiss sleeveless dress and I think she wears this Fabienne Delvigne hat very well. ModekoninginMathilde has all the details.

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government State Banquet in Kigali, Rwanda. Although she eschewed a tiara, the Duchess looked glamorous in her brilliant blue lace-sleeved gown, which she also wore in her 75th birthday photos.

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You know it’s summertime when Daisy is out in a series of pink outfits. I am not complaining at all, either. She looks good in her tailored ensembles and pink is a color for a Queen. Don’t tell me otherwise.

The Queen participated in the Life Guards’ Anniversary Parade and presented the “Queen’s Clock” to royal guards. The “clock” is a watch, and its been presented by the sitting regent since 1970.

Did we know that Prince Henrik was a sculptor? I did not but he was – they are quite an artistic family all around. Several of his pieces were donated to the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum by the Queen.

Princess Marie has been quietly working away in the background, as she does. That is a new summery Ba&Sh dress the Princess is wearing to an “international symposium on Danish-French cultural relationships” – that brand has become her go-to this summer. Also, talk about a tailor-made event for her!


You also know it’s summertime when the Monรฉgasque royals and royal-adjacents step out in a series of white designer outfits.


Queen Sonja, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Maud Behn attended the opening of the โ€œOpen Doorsโ€ exhibition at Dronning. The exhibit contains works from Queen Sonja’s own collection that currently decorate the royal residences. We don’t have identifications don’t the women’s dresses, but Sonja continues her run of unusual neck gear (I hesitate to call it a necklace but it’s definitely decorative. With a capital D.)


Infanta Elena attended the SIMOF Madrid 2022 Fashion Show. We don’t cover her often here but when we do she makes a definite visual impact – she is definitely not a shrinking violet when it comes to clothes!

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Weddings In the Wild

Remember our mini-skirted bride from last week? Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Parma had her religious ceremony. She went far more traditional for this event, complete with a meander tiara.

This bride’s tiara is hard to see (but it’s there!) but I wanted you all to see the gown because SQUARE NECKLINE ALERT BAGUETTES.

There is a lovely floral tiara on this bride, and a Kate Middletonesque deep v dress with a high neckline.


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