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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Hi everyone, I am back after a perfectly lovely weekend. I’ve done some reflecting on how to proceed, and we are going forward with positivity and humor – hope you feel the vibes wherever you may find yourself. Also, a hearty thank you for carrying on with the news on last week’s Bits. I enjoyed a bit of royal catch-up last night.


There’s lots of Camilla in this week’s Getty photos. There are more garden portraits celebrating her 75th birthday, she visited with some dogs and cats, and she and Charles took in the Notting Hill Festival. See it all here.


The Crown Princely Family, minus Christian, attended the Gråsten Ringriderforening’s procession at Graasten Slot. There are horses and bicycles galore: 300 of the first and 100 of the second. The female side of the family is all summer-printed up. Mary is wearing a repeat by Mirae, and Princess Josephine is in an ONLY dress. Princess Isabella is possibly wearing a skirt by Marta du Chateau. (H/T to Heaven on Twitter).

We all know about the Danish bracelet tradition, but there is a new mini-necklace tradition brewing in the family.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie also ventured out (also without the oldest child). They attended the opening of an exhibition devoted to the works of Queen Margrethe at the Henri-Martin Museum in Cahors. Marie is in repeat from Ba&Sh, but I don’t remember this dress from the first time. As good as new!


HSH Princess Charlene and Prince Albert attended the twin’s graduation from sea camp. What do you wear to such an occasion? Gucci and Akris, apparently ; ). the open netting on the Akris shirt is a lot of lewk, but Charlene wears it well. I like Charlene’s red lippie – it’s a look that works for her, and I wish to see a lot more of it.


The Crown Princess’s birthday brought out everyone for a celebration in Oland. The guest of honor wore a bespoke Ida Sjöstedt creation – this is much less frilly than many Sjöstedt’s designs – and a lovely change for the Crown Princess. Princess Estelle is in By Malina.

Embed from Getty Images

Call me weird (you wouldn’t be the first), but I love seeing royal nannies in action. I feel bad I don’t have her name, but the obvious affection between her and the young princess and prince is obvious.

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The extended family was there, as well. Princess Madeleine (Veronica Beard), Princess Sofia (by Malina), and Queen Silvia all modeled the Swedish summer prints.

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I *liked* the King’s jacket, but he seems eager to remove it. Too much heat?

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Actually, as pretty as all the princesses are, I think Prince Oscar steals the show.

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