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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

I hope autumn or spring is treating our Baguettes and Hofdudes well! Regardless of your weather, we are barreling toward the busy royal season for the European royals. If you are a bit bored by the past few days of the blazer-parade, take heart. Galas and tiaras are coming up soon.


Everyone is back at work. Audiences are continuing at Zarzuela Palace, the Prince of Wales is everywhere, and there are some excellent photos of the Swedish royals in Upssala (with the Crown Princess looking fabulous). See it all here.


Hisako, Princess Takamado, put on a peach suit and marched off to the 77th National Sports Festival. I really like that she is the family representee at these sporting events – just look at that schedule of activities. Good thing that she is a woman of varied interests.


As Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla shared her love of reading with her program, “The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room”. Whether or not she can continue this initiative while handling her new role, the Queen will always love and encourage reading. She hosted the Literary Festival Dinner in Aberdeenshire, and got cozy in her Me & Em Velour maxi dress.

I scoured around to find more photos of Princess Anne in NYC last week, particularly at the gala. This is all I could find, however there is an intriguing question involved.

Is the Princess Royal wearing her late mother’s pearls (earrings and necklace)? Give your thoughts. It’s lovely if indeed true.

What do you think?


Always good to see Princess Beatrix, here shown at the end of the Oranjepad of the Princess Beatrix Spierfonds. The walk benefits those with muscular degenerative diseases, and the Princess is the patron.

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Meanwhile, the Queen paid a visit to the National Archives in The Hague to view documents detailing the history, culture and society of Curaçao. She wore a Natan ensemble, and the photo below shows it to its best advantage. If you would like to see the sleeve detail – and you should – head over to ModekoninginMaxima.


Queen Mathilde and King Philippe visited the Ehrenbreitstein fortress in Koblenz during their quick visit to the Rhineland-Palatinate. Mathilde’s cape and dress combination is by Natan. The design house must have had an excess of small check fabric this season.

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Blazer Rollcall

We’re powering through all the blazers (and one suit) in one section so those who are bored by this approach can easily skip it. If you are not, forge ahead.

Crown Princess Mary wore her Alexander McQueen blazer for an event celebrating 60 years of UNICEF in Denmark.

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The Princess of Wales sent her congratulations to the England women’s rugby team, wearing a repeat Zara blazer and a new pin (which is possibly identified, see below).

Princess Caroline attended a meeting of the 17RGP, (17th Parachute Engineer Regiment), a group of which she is patron. She wore a “Blaze” blazer. Check out the pocket detail at New My Royals.

She was also present at a couple of graduation ceremonies at The Princess Grace Hospital, wearing a blue blazer.

Queen Maxima wore a new blue suit – designer currently unknown – for a meeting with European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager about the importance of securing digital financial services. 


The new Netflix series, “The Empress Sisi”, is causing a bit of a kerfuffle in some Twitter corners due to the dramatic storytelling. Whether or not it’s remotely accurate (the whole engagement story has been called into doubt by some historians), the show certainly generated interest in the U.S. In that vein of frivolous interest, let’s look at one of Sissi’s “simple at home” dresses for fun. You need to click on the photo for the full effect. It’s worth it.

Sissi’s famous stars – or maybe stylized flowers, as some suggest – have been worn in recent times! Check out The Royal Watcher’s post, here, for photos and information.


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