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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

If you are coming down from your state visit bliss, never fear. The Spaniards are headed to Germany this week (see the Open Post today) on state visit. As this is a visit to a republic, we won’t see tiaras. However, I hold out hope for some good fashion and maybe a sighting of some great earring or bracelet bling.


There’s a lot of Queen Camilla – wearing some sharp blue and white – and a little bit of Prince Haakon climbing mountains in Iceland. See it all here.


Hisako, Princess Takamado, went to a tree planting ceremony and brought her own sartorial spice with her! Which she needed because the Indian national dress she viewed was fantastically beautiful. The Princess held her own, as she does. Just look at that sassy hat!


We really need to give the Countess of Wessex a standing ovation. I have been posting parts of her two week visit to various African countries in Bits, leaving off fashion commentary due to the serious nature of her work. However, let’s take a quick look at what she wore and what she did. If you want deep dives on each event, UFONomore has entries on each stop.

She has been an advocate for women living in areas of conflict for many years. Her other areas of interest include eradicating avoidable blindess, which includes the Trachoma Elimination Programme. She visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Botswana, Malawi, and Ethiopia over the course of two weeks, attending events supporting those areas of interest.

The Countess wore climate-appropriate clothes, which meant a lot of repeats from her recent Caribbean tour, including her Suzannah Classic Silk midi, Soler Villamarie Bea Ankle Length Dress in Fuchsia, Eleventy Blazer, Peter Pilloto Floral dress, andher Giuliva Heritage Dora Dress in Red. This is hardly comprehensive, either. She’s been gone a long time and working incredibly hard.

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There are still some duties with regard to the last Elizabethan era – both of which make me sad and make me smile, but I think they do the Queen proud. Those Paddington bears? They are headed to good homes.

The flower tributes have been composted and will nourish the flowers and greenery in royal parks over the next season. Life goes on.


Queen Rania visited with the developers of the Makesday mobile app. This is an interesting designer for her. She is wearing a Silvia Tcherassi embroidered midi skirt paired with a red jacket and what looks like a pair of low(er) heeled shoes. Is this more comfortable looking footwear part of a new trend? We’ll see.


The Swedish royal siblings are apple picking in Sweden. Although they are well dressed for the activity, it was Estelle’s glasses that caught my eye. She has a definite style and personality, that one!


Queen Sonja is stateside this week, making a visit to Minnesota. If any local Baguettes or Hofdudes bump into her please give her our regards. I’m really digging her sharp suit with the pale blue and grey combination.


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