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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

It’s been “a week”, as they say. We have one birthday party and several memorials to reflect on, which proves royals run the spectrum of events!


Let’s start with a flat-out party, and for one of our favorite Classic Princesses. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands celebrated her 80th birthday with her handsome husband Pieter and assorted relatives. The royal group attended a performance of Carmen Maquia by dance group Introdans. The Birthday woman wore an animal print and if you can’t wear an animal print on your 80th I don’t know when you can!

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Her nephew the King cleared his schedule to attend, along with a cape enclosed Queen Maxima!

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Ah a toned-down Laurentien! My eye is drawn to Contanstijn’s bag here – is that a program? Is he carrying a floral clutch in anticipation of spring? These two glide in and out of events, always leaving questions behind.

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We don’t see Princess Irene often enough. She and her daughter Margarita looked like a particularly well match pair in their jewel tones.

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Margriet and Pieter have four sons who married four lovely women, leading to my labeling them far too often as the “Many brunette wives of Orange”. Let’s do some identification here.

  • Prince Floris and Princess Aimée (in deep plum) attended with their daughters Magali and Eliane.
  • Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette (in teal) brought their daughter Isabella.
  • Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita (in a white and gold grid dress) were with their daughter Emma
  • Prince Maurits and Princess Marilène (in a beige blouse) brought their son Lucas.

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The Japanese Imperial family always send a representative to the Contemporary Women’s Calligraphy Exhibition, and sometimes we’ll see the royal in a kimono. This year it was Princess Kako, who went in more contemporary clothes. However, Prisma put together a retrospective of visits past so you can get your traditional dress fix.


We have a colorful Sils sighting! The King and Queen visited the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, and Silvia donned one of her many shawls.


Members of the Greek royal family gathered again at the Metropolitan Cathedral to remember the late King Constantine at a 40 day memorial service. The Queen’s two oldest children, Alexia and Pavlos, were both there to support their mother.

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The Belgian royal family gathered together at the annual mass to remember deceased members of the royal family. It’s always an occasion for hats, which we are seeing less and less frequently in royal life. I particularly like Til’s small veil.

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Crown Princess Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit attended a Commemoration Event to honor victims of the war in Ukraine.

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