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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Happy spring to our northern hemisphere readers! Let’s all join in on a bit of vernal equinox celebration.

Last week was quite a wild week in the world of royaling. That’s always fun but it means we miss so much. Let’s use this Bits to take a second look at events that we didn’t pay enough attention to at the time.


Gather together all Baguettes and Hofdudes for a Cheltenham Races round-up! It’s always good to take a second look at the Tindalls Twinning it up, Princess Anne wearing as many brooches in as many places as she can, or Camilla pulling out the camel version of her favorite hat.

Last day first, for no other reason than that’s how I put them in here. Friday was a non-coordinating day for Zara and Mike. Zara is wearing a Laura Green coat and a Juliette Botterill “Hydrangea” percher. The Stuart Weitzman boots are of the over-the-knee variety, which have been very popular this winter.

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Mom, Princess Anne, also put in an appearance Friday. You know how I am always going on and on about deploying brooches in a creative manner? Maybe it’s Anne I should be focusing on.

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St. Patrick’s Thursday turned out to be my favorite day, sartorially speaking. This suit is a little departure for Zara, but boy does she wear it all well. The glen plaid separates are by Veronica Beard and the percher is by Somerset Millinery. I just love that Lalage handbag. Mike’s tie meets up with Zara’s hat and it’s all good.

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Mom was there channeling both the late Queen and the Duke. Gave me quite a pang.

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On Wednesday, Zara wore a Rebecca Vallance belted coat, another pair of over-the-knee boots, this time by Holland Cooper, and a Juliette Botterill custom headpiece. Mike’s coordinating tie is again next level.

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Her aunt by marriage was also there. Oh, those hats of Cams! They are never-ending, aren’t they? I am focused on her horse brooch instead.

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Tuesday was a classic Zara day. She wore a Karen Millen long coat over a pair of slim trousers, topped with a Juliette Botterill percher. The Twinning Tindalls went for blue and red for this outing.

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In an entirely different kind of activity, Princess Bea came out in support of her friend Sabine Getty wearing Louis Vuitton and, you guessed it, a pair of over-the-knee boots!

The Netherlands

Princess Beatrix popped up at the Prince Friso awards. Princess Mabel often attends with her, but had to drop out, so our Oma Bea was on her own. Fortunately, she can more than handle it. Attention Brooch Babe Brigade, there’s a lovely pin on this ensemble.

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Queen Maxima has been leaning hard into the vibrant royal lady pantsuit lately! She wore an orange suit from Joseph to a recent working meeting at the ROSE Academy. We don’t typically focus on the civilians in photos, however I’ll make an exception for State Secretary of Culture and Media Gunay Uslu and her sophisticated yet casual style – from her hair to her jeans.

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Have you been missing bunads? Here is an historic folk outfit from none other than Queen Maud, although it’s rather hard to picture her wearing it.


This is so interesting – diversity of size in humans and fashion is not a new concept.


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